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350 Ishida Isehara-City Kanagawa Pref. 259-1116 Japan@Tel.+81 (463) 96-3711
A place to relax while eating and for having pleasant time.

Our chef is ready to serve you whether it is a casual lunch or a real full-course meal.

If there are any food restrictions please let us know in advance if possible.

Please enjoy your meal in the relaxing atmosphere of the restaurant.

Weekday and Saturday will be an a la carte style.
Sunday will be an all you can eat style.

Breakfast 7:00am`9:00am
Lunch 11:30am`3:00pm
(Last order will be 2:00pm)
Dinner 5:30pm`8:30pm
(Last order will be 8:00pm)
Please check the Restaurant Calendar
downlaodable from here for closed dates.
Gray colored dates are the closed dates.

For more information TEL. +81(463)96-3711
Lounge with a 3 story high ceiling and a scenic garden.

Please enjoy your tea in this cozy ambience.

Open hours 9:00am`6:00pm
Closed Monday

For more information TEL. +81(463)96-3711